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Be sure to see the home page for information about the site closing.


ShopInBerkeley has been providing high quality, free and low-cost web pages for Berkeley businesses since 2001. With over 800  businesses listed, ShopInBerkeley pages continue to outrank other directories in searches on Google and other search engines. Look forward to new site revsions appearing this month.

How is ShopInBerkeley different from Yelp, Google Local, etc.

There are many great directories on the web, and I encourage businesses to be up to date on all of them. But ShopInBerkeley provides a service unlike the any other. The main advantage is that since there is only one person running the ShopInBerkeley, business owners deal with a real human being who will respond quickly to submitted changes. No log-in and passwords to remember: just submit your changes and I’ll call the business to confirm they are accurate and really from you.

Highlights of our advantages

  • You deal with a real human; no username and password to remember (or forget!).
  • Complete information about your business: location, phone, map, hours, three paragraph description, link to your own web site.
  • You control the content of your business’s page: no anonymous reviews from visitors who may lie/exaggerate about their experiences.
  • Updates can be made by phone or email.
  • Your page on ShopInBerkeley is ranked high by search engines, and thus will also rank your own web site higher (if you have one).
  • Confidence in listing on a directory that has been in business since 2001, and with such a low overhead that it won’t be a victim of any future “dot-com busts.”


In addition to great page rankings, my goal has always been to maintain the highest standards of accessibility to visitors with disabilities who may be using assistive devices. In light of this, the “theme” I am using with the new WordPress backend is one whose author strives for accessiblity.

Find the old directories

In the transition to the new format, you can still find the old directory pages here: shopinberkeley.com/type/

As the new pages come online, the old pages will automatically refresh to the new location.

Our statistics

Unlike most web directories, I have opened the statistics of our “hits” and “visits” to the public. You can see them at shopinberkeley.com/cgi-bin/awstats.pl?.


  • Click on the Search  keyphrases link on the left menu to see what key phrases visitors are using to find our web pages.
  • Click on the Viewed Full list link to search for a particular store’s page views.

About Lee

ShopInBerkeley is owned and operated by Lee Trampleasure, with help from a handful of friends and a collection of visitors who send me updates. While I make a small income from ShopInBerkeley, my “day job” is a science teacher at Carondelet High School in Concord.

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